So, it begins…

Our team loves to sit together and process all of the fine details of math, sometimes even pontificating a bit. We’re exploring how to build a true STEM Department. We don’t just talk. Sometimes we put sticky notes on the wall-sized math standard posters. Sometimes we dissect SBAC item specs. We often beat our heads against the wall when we need to remind friends (again!) that there are California Math Frameworks and they should not only be read, but they should closely internalize the contents. Here’s the link by the way: Frameworks

Sometimes we dream about making instructional PD videos; at times we even shoot rough drafts. We laugh a lot…A LOT! We work extra long hours and make STEM our hobby in the evenings.

But why do we do it?  

We do it for the 41,000 students we serve!  We do it because we love to think BIG and ABSURD! Einstein said it best:

We do it because we believe our kids deserve a system of education which will extend learning long beyond the “Final Game Score” (i.e., test scores, grades, and graduation) and will support them for what they’ll face in life 10, 20, or 30 years after leaving us.

So, with this inaugural post, we welcome you to Clovis Unified and into the minds of some of us who think way too much about this stuff we love. Please feel free to drop by often for just a quick Math Moment. This is the first of many amazing moments to come!

Many small moments grow into large movements; movements change the world!


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